In the expansive world of TL Lucent, the pursuit of wealth and resources is a constant endeavor for adventurers seeking to enhance their characters. One of the most efficient methods of accumulating both Sollant resources and gold is through dedicated farming. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the art of Sollant and gold farming, focusing on the use of Sword and Shield. This classic combination offers a balanced approach, blending offense and defense to create a formidable farming strategy that caters to both solo and group playstyles.

Understanding Sollant and Gold Farming:

Sollants, powerful magical creatures scattered throughout the realm, present a lucrative opportunity for adventurers looking to gather valuable resources. Additionally, the acquisition of gold, the universal currency in Throne and Liberty, is an essential aspect of character progression. The Sword and Shield strategy for farming Sollants and gold offers a versatile and reliable approach that can be customized to suit various situations.

Sword and Shield Dynamics:

The Sword and Shield combination provides a well-rounded playstyle, offering a balance between offensive strikes and defensive capabilities.

Sword attacks provide reliable melee damage, while the Shield allows for effective blocking and mitigating incoming damage.

Versatility in Solo and Group Play:

The Sword and Shield strategy is adaptable to both solo and group farming sessions.

In solo play, the Shield offers valuable protection, while in group scenarios, the Sword can contribute to focused damage.

Mobility and Control:

The Sword and Shield loadout allows for greater mobility compared to heavier weapon choices.

The Shield provides crowd control capabilities, allowing adventurers to manage multiple enemies effectively.

Efficient Sollant and Gold Farming with Sword and Shield:

Now, let's delve into the specific tactics and considerations for efficient Sollant and gold farming using the Sword and Shield combination.

Gear Preparation:

Equip a high-quality Sword and Shield set to maximize damage output and defensive capabilities.

Prioritize gear with bonuses to melee damage, critical hit chance, and defensive stats.

Skill Selection:

Choose skills that complement the Sword and Shield playstyle.

Defensive skills, such as Shield Bash or Shield Block, enhance survivability, while offensive skills like Whirlwind Attack or Sword Mastery increase damage output.

Targeting Sollant Spawn Points:

Familiarize yourself with Sollant spawn locations in different zones.

Plan a route that efficiently takes you through these spawn points, optimizing your farming session.

Balancing Offense and Defense:

Strike a balance between offensive and defensive actions during encounters.

Utilize Sword attacks for focused damage, and deploy the Shield to block incoming attacks, especially when facing multiple Sollants.

Effective Crowd Control:

Leverage Shield skills for effective crowd control.

Stunning or knocking back enemies with Shield abilities creates space and allows for more controlled engagements.

Resource Gathering Efficiency:

Optimize the time spent on resource gathering by efficiently moving between Sollant spawns.

Use the Sword for quick eliminations and the Shield to mitigate damage during the collection process.

Solo vs. Group Farming:

In solo farming, prioritize defensive skills to sustain longer engagements.

In group farming, coordinate with team members to synchronize attacks and maximize efficiency.

Gold Farming Considerations:

While farming Sollants, pay attention to gold drops from defeated enemies.

Focus on efficient gold farming routes to accumulate wealth alongside resources.

Community Insights and Tips:

To enhance this guide, let's gather insights and tips from experienced players who have successfully implemented the Sword and Shield strategy for Sollant and gold farming.

Adaptability in Dynamic Situations:

"Stay adaptable in dynamic situations. The Sword and Shield's versatility shines when you can switch between offense and defense based on the evolving challenges of each encounter."

Team Coordination in Group Play:

"Coordinate with your team in group farming scenarios. Communication is key to maximizing the efficiency of Sword and Shield strategies in larger farming groups."

Effective Use of Shield Skills:

"Master the effective use of Shield skills. Timing Shield blocks or bashes can interrupt enemy attacks and create openings for your Sword strikes."

Optimizing Resource Collection:

"Efficient resource collection is crucial. Plan your farming route to minimize downtime between Sollant spawns and maximize the yield of resources and gold."


Mastering the art of Sollant and gold farming with Sword and Shield in buying TL Lucent is a rewarding endeavor for adventurers seeking to enhance their characters and accumulate wealth. The versatile nature of this loadout allows for adaptability in various scenarios, making it an ideal choice for solo and group play. As you embark on your farming journeys, equip your Sword and Shield, strike a balance between offense and defense, and witness the wealth of rewards unfold in the vast and dynamic world of Throne and Liberty.

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