A rematch generally is a win for the losing team too. The Chargers will be aware  exactly what they will be able to beat the Ravens will be attempting to defend them, and they'll be able to find ways to make it work this time around.

Additionally, as many fans of the Ravens offense, led by Lamar Jackson, they only scored 16 points against the Chargers. They shut them down the first time. In the end, the Chargers have played well on the road this season. They beat the competition the games in Pittsburgh, Seattle, and Kansas City.

The number is excessive for the defending Super Bowl champions. The Eagles are currently hot, regardless of the reason, they are at their best in these scenarios when Nick Foles is in the game. I'm sure Foles has a few swollen ribs, but I expect Foles to be a good player. The Eagles have an outstanding offensive line that is able to physically match up together with Bears defensive line especially together with Lane Johnson versus Khalil Mack.

Another reason I prefer the Eagles to protect the run is Mitchell Trubisky, who's so up and down. The Eagles might have a bad secondary, but they can keep the running at bay, something I expect the Bears to attempt to establish earlier. I'm betting that the Bears take the lead, but I think the Eagles will be able to cover.

The Colts are more successful than the Texans. They are eighth in the team DVOA while they are 11th. Texans place 11th. Particularly, the Colts are 10th in offense and defense. The Texans are in the 21st and seventh position in those units, respectively.

The Colts had nine wins of the last 10 games, which includes a recent victory in Houston. In their first game they Colts suffered a loss in overtime , but they were a totally different team. Andrew Luck is better than Deshaun Watson. The Colts have the better offensive line, and although the Texans have more effective receivers, I believe the Colts passing game could be a problem for Watson enough to make it difficult for him to be as effective.

I think the Cowboys have a better chance to  beat the Patriots than I first thought a few weeks ago. They play better at home, and have an aggressive pass rush, and are able to run the ball. And so do the Seahawks. They will play ball control and run the ball. Seattle ranks seventh in points per drive while the Cowboys are 17th. Both defenses allow almost identical defense points per drive. Also, give me this one to the Seahawks here.

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ამ ბლოგ პოსტზე კომენტარები გამორთულია ან თქვენ არ გაქვთ დაკომენტარების უფლება, ვინაიდან არ ხართ ავტორის მეგობართა სიაში.


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Mmoexp: Nearly 2% of all Diablo 4 amateur deaths are to a distinct bang-up

გამოაქვეყნა Rozemondbell_მ.
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Diablo 4's abominable new Abattoir of Zir blow is abreast for changes, acknowledgment to Diablo 4 Items   developers alert to feedback.

Earlier this week, the Abattoir of Zir blow went animate as a casting new endgame action for the advancing Division 2, billed as a super-hard blow for abandoned the best accomplished Diablo 4 players. However, it's accepted to be added arresting than enjoyable, as players admission…


გაფიქრებები პროცესებზე

გამოაქვეყნა ლაშა_მ.
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დღიურის მთელი იდეა ხომ იმ მონიშვნების გაკეთებაა, რომელიც გონების გაფიქრებებს შეინახავს? ჰოდა, იყოს აქ. გზადაგზა მივამატებ ხოლმე, განვაახლებ...

შეიძლება საღლიცინოდ სამყოფიც არ არის, მაგრამ იქნებ მართლა არსებობს „გლობალური ომის პარტია?“ აი, როგორც დორნში (უკიდურეს სამხრეთში) არ ეჯერათ თეთრი მოსიარულეების არსებობა და საბოლოოდ, ხომ გამოჩნდნენ?

ეს ზამთარიც…


With Sword and Shield in buying TL Lucent is a rewarding

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In the expansive world of TL Lucent, the pursuit of wealth and resources is a constant endeavor for adventurers seeking to enhance their characters. One of the most efficient methods of accumulating both Sollant resources and gold is through dedicated farming. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the art of Sollant and gold farming, focusing on the use of Sword and Shield. This classic combination offers a balanced approach, blending offense and defense to create a formidable farming…


Your Manual to Easy On-line Courting

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Within the electronic age, getting a romantic link has not been simpler, because of the myriad of relationship web sites readily available. However, Lots of individuals are delay by the wearisome signal-up processes and unlimited questionnaires that the majority platforms need. For anyone trying to dive straight in to the courting pool without the headache of creating an account, free dating web sites without having signal-up provide a convenient and fast way to begin…


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