SharePoint თქვენი ბიზნესის წარმატებისთვის - 7 პასუხი კითხვაზე - რატომ?

When building your business website, web application development solutions have many options of what to use as the platform to build on top of. You can go with the popular WordPress, or try something completely different like Drupal, but here are 7 reasons why SharePoint should be considered as your platform of choice, whether it’s for an initial launch or even if you already have your website up and running on another platform.

SharePoint Is Highly Customizable

SharePoint is a great option because it is highly customizable. A codeigniter web development services in india can choose from a variety of layouts and themes, upload your logo and colors, or add additional features like blogs. Plus, SharePoint has templates that are specifically geared towards business websites. And it's easy to make updates to your site--you can do everything right on the site with just a few clicks.

SharePoint Is User-Friendly

SharePoint is easy-to-use and user-friendly.  You can create a professional looking site with just a few clicks, or even no clicks if you use the Business Site template that includes templates for most of the content types you need. SharePoint integrates with social media tools, web analytics tools, and other tools so it's easy to share your website across multiple channels without having to log in separately. You can also customize your site by choosing from one of many themes or uploading your own graphics. The best part about using SharePoint as a website builder is that it's free! 

SharePoint Is Search Engine Optimized

SharePoint is a great option if you want to keep your site search engine optimized. With better SEO, it will be easier for people to find your business when they are searching online. Plus, there are so many templates available that you can use, making the process of designing your website much easier and faster. In addition, with all of the different features SharePoint offers, it would cost you a lot more time and money if you were using another service. Overall, SharePoint is a great option if you want an affordable way to make your site search engine optimized and easy-to-use.

SharePoint Is Secure

SharePoint is more than just a document repository. It's also a secure platform that offers a wide range of features and functionality. Here are 10 things that make share point secure: 

Administrators can apply granular security policies with SharePoint 2016 
Administrators can use different permissions levels for viewing, editing, creating, deleting, and sharing 
Administrators can easily monitor user activity 
IT staff have control over which users have access to particular content 
IT staff can lock down access to sensitive documents 
They can easily update content without needing anyone else’s help 
Administrators have the ability to identify suspicious activity 
Users won’t need additional software applications 
All data within SharePoint is encrypted 
10.. Data stored in the cloud will be backed up by Microsoft Online Services

SharePoint Is Scalable

SharePoint is a Web-based, collaborative platform that can be used in place of a business website. It has built-in tools like blogs and wikis that make it easier to create a site and update it with less effort on your part. Plus, it's scalable: you can start out with the basic features and then work your way up as your needs grow. You also get access to other Microsoft Office programs from within SharePoint, which will help simplify your daily tasks even more. Last but not least, every time there's an update to Microsoft Office 365, you'll automatically have it applied to Sharepoint without having to do anything at all!

SharePoint Integrates With Other Microsoft Products

SharePoint integrates with Microsoft Office, which means you can use it to create word documents, spreadsheets, presentations and more. It's also compatible with other Microsoft products like Exchange Server and SQL Server. The platform is easy to use and makes it easy for multiple people to work on the same project together. Plus, with its built-in security features and tools for managing content, SharePoint is a great option for any business that wants a reliable place online to share information with their customers.


SharePoint is a great way to keep your business website up-to-date. It also allows your business team to collaborate with each other and share information. Plus, it's easy to set up and doesn't require any specialized training or expensive software licenses. With these advantages, you should use web designing companies in india for your business website.

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      თებერვალი დადგება და თოვლი ძალას მოიკრეფსო, ამბობენ სინოპტიკოსები და მაღალ მთაში 2 თებერვლიდან დიდთოვლობა გველის. ეს იანვარიც ასე მიილია. თვის ბოლოს კვლავ ოპოზიციური პარტია იყო მეინსტრიმის წამმართველი - ნაციონალურ მოძრაობაში არჩევნები ჩატარდა და მასში ლევან ხაბეიშვილმა გაიმარჯვა. დღის ერთ-ერთი მთავარი ამბავი არჩევნების შეფასებები იყო, ცხადია სააკაშვილის თემაც არ კარგავს აქტუალობას და ასევე ეკონომიკური პროგნოზები, კორუფცია, ომი უკრაინაში და…


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      ახალღა დავაკვირდი, რომ ჩემი ბლოგის მკითხველებისთვის ჯერ 2023 წელიც არ მიმილოცია. გილოცავთ, სიკეთით და სიხარულით სავსე ყოფილიყოს ეს ახალი წელიწადი, ხვავით და ბარაქით დატვირთული.

      სიმდიდრე ნამდვილად არ აკლია ჩემს დღევანდელ პოსტს და საერთოდ, მგონია რომ ამ კულტურაში სიმდიდრე სულ სხვაგვარად ესმით. ეგვიპტეში უნდა ვიმოგზაუროთ, იქ სადაც ათასწლეულების წინაც კი სხვა განზომილებაში ხედავდნენ კულტურას, შემოქმედებას, სიმდიდრეს და ამის მშვენიერი…


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