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Bryan Guy Adams (born 5 November, 1959) is a Canadian singer, musician, producer, actor, social activist and photographer.

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Tracks of My Years

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Tracks of My Years is the twelfth studio album by Bryan Adams. It is an eclectic mix of songs reflective of the time when rock was played alongside pop, country and R&B, and follows Adams’ acoustic album, 2010’s Bare Bones a release that resulted in sold out shows across Europe, North America, Australia and South Africa. Any time at allShe knows meI can't stop Loving YouKiss and Say GoodbyeLay Lady LayRock and Roll musicDown on the CornerNever My LoveSunnyThe Tracks of My TearsGod Only Knows გაგრძელება

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11 is the tenth studio album by Bryan Adams. The album was released on March 17, 2008.Tonight we have the starsI Thought I'd Seen EverythingI Ain't Losin' the FightOxygenWe Found What We Were Looking ForBroken WingsSomethin' to Believe InMysterious WaysShe's Got a WayFlower Grown WildWalk on Byგაგრძელება

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Room Service

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Room Service is the tenth studio album by Canadian singer-songwriter Bryan Adams. The album was released on September 10, 2004.Flying East Side Story This side of Paradise Not Romeo Not Juliet She's a Little Too Good for Me Open Road Room Service I Was Only Dreamin Right Back Where I Started From Nowhere Fast Why Do You Have To Be So Hard to Love? Blessing in Disguiseგაგრძელება

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On a Day Like Today

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On a Day Like Today is the eighth studio album by singer-songwriter Bryan Adams, released in 1998. Bryan recruited producer Bob Rock for this album. Bryan wanted to produce a hit album after critics panned his last studio album.Cloud Number NineWhen You're GoneInside outBefore the Night Is OverHow Do Ya Feel TonightC'mon C'mon C'monGetawayOn a day like todayFearlessI'm a LiarIf I had YouI Don't Wanna Live ForeverWhere Angels Fear…გაგრძელება

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18 til I Die

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      18 til I Die is the seventh studio album by the Canadian rock artist Bryan Adams. Released on June 4, 1996, the album became a commercial success peaking at #1 in United Kingdom and number two in his homeland Canada.Have you ever really loved a woman?Let's make a night to rememberThe only thing that looks goodDo to You18 til I DieStar(I Wanna Be) Your UnderwearWe're Gonna WinI Think About YouI'll always be right thereIt Ain't a Party... If You Can't Come 'RoundBlack PearlYou're Still Beautiful to MeHey Elvisგაგრძელება

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Waking Up the Neighbours

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      Waking Up the Neighbours is the sixth studio album by Bryan Adams released in 1991. "(Everything I Do) I do it for you" was number one on the British charts for a record-breaking sixteen weeks. The album sold more than 16 million copies worldwide.Is Your Mama Gonna Miss Ya? (4:41)Hey Honey – I'm Packin' You In! (3:59)Can't Stop the thing we started (4:29)Thought I'd Died and Gone to Heaven (5:49)Not Guilty (4:12)Vanishing (5:03)House Arrest (3:58)Do I have to say the words? (6:11)There will never be another tonight (4:42)…გაგრძელება

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      ეგვიპეტში კატების საკრაულობა ცნობილი ამბავია. ადამიანებისა და კატების მეგობრობა ათობით ათასწლეულს ითვლის. კატის სიწმინდეც ძველი წლებისაა, ეგვიპეტში, ქრისტეს შობამდე, მესამე ათასწლეულში მას უკვე თავისი ქალაქიც ჰქონდა ბუბასტისი. იმ ქალაქში კი ეთაყვანებოდნენ კატისთავიან ქალღმერთ ბასტესს, რომელიც ნაყოფიერების, მხიარულების, სიყვარულისა და სიხარულის ღმერთია ეგვიპტურ მითოლოგია. სწორედ ის იქცა კატების, როგორც რელიგიური თაყვანისცემის ობიექტად ქცევის…


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Bethesda Softworks announced that Elder Scrolls Online Deadlands will be released on all current game platforms next month. Players on PC/Mac and Stadia will get the head start of the DLC on November 1st, while the Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 versions will be available on November 16th in a few weeks.

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      ოქტომბერში მზე თითქის არ გამოჩენილა, ღრუბლებსა და ნისლებში მიდის თვე. პოლიტიკურ სიახლეებშიც ღრუბელია და წრეზე სიარული - კოვიდმა კვლავ იმატა და ბოლო დღეს 4700 ინფიცირებულს გასცდა. მიშას ჩამოსვლამ კვლავ აქციების ანონსები გამოიწვია და მისი გათავისუფლების მოთხოვნები. ბათუმის ტრაგედია ჯერ გვახსოვს და ჩვენი პრეზიდენტი, ავსტრიის პრეზიდენტს შეხვდა. ვალუტის კურსი - 1 აშშ დოლარი - 3.1329 ლარია.…


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