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Mmoexp Elden Ring Items: Exploring the Lava Room

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2. Exploring the Lava Room

Upon reaching the lower level, you’ll find yourself in a lava-filled room. Notice a large metal pipe running through the room; this pipe can be used as a walkway. Jump onto the protruding section of the pipe to reach a crumbling stone balcony on the other side. Here, you’ll find the Smithscript Greathammer, guarded by another Lava Slime. Collect the hammer, then return to the pipe.

3. Navigating the Upper Balconies

Continue following the pipe…


Mmoexp Path of exile currency: A Comprehensive Guide to the Mercenary Class

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Path of Exile 2: A Comprehensive Guide to the Mercenary Class

Path of Exile 2 is set to expand its horizons with the addition of six new classes, and one of the most exciting introductions is the Mercenary class. This guide will walk you through everything you need to Path of exile currency know about the Mercenary, including its unique attributes, new mechanics, and gameplay strategies.

Mercenary Class…


Their accounts drained of FIFA Ultimate Team's in game

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There's a reason why Jorginho finished third in the Ballon D'or rankings, and that's not just due to the silverware he won. The player has been a calming force in the midfield of both Italy and Chelsea, playing a critical role in the success of the two teams. He's an excellent midfielder who can read the game with ease and places beautiful passes with great results. He's also one of the more affordable FC 24 Coins Ultimate Team players…


How To eliminate Ants in Seattle

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You’re hectic at perform, at your home, and also you definitely do not need time to determine how to get rid of ants in the Seattle residence yourself. You could possibly even be tempted to ignore the challenge with the hopes that it's going to all just magically disappear By itself. Ants won’t just disappear, but we’re in this article to aid.

We have been here to supply assurance and help you just take again your home which means you, Your loved ones, and your pets…


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