NEW YORK (AP) Eloy Jimenez hit a pair of thunderous homers on a soggy night in the Bronx, likely the first of many connections for the powerful young slugger.

For the New York Yankees(custom New York Yankees championship rings), staying above water is getting more difficult by the day.

Jimenez hit his first two major league homers, including a tiebreaking shot in the fifth inning, and the Chicago White Sox(cheap Chicago White Sox championship rings) ended a five-game skid by beating the banged-up Yankees 9-6 in a rain-shortened game Friday. Jimenez's two-run drive off Jonathan Holder made it 7-5, and he added a 446-foot solo homer in the seventh. James McCann followed with his first homer of the season, and then umpires pulled the teams off the field with one out. The game was called about 40 minutes later.

''I feel good to get the first one out of the way,'' Jimenez said. ''And many to come.''

The Yankees(mlb championship rings for sale) have lost four straight and placed catcher Gary Sanchez on the 10-day injured list prior to the game with a strained left calf, the 12th New York player currently on the IL. The team also revealed that right-handed reliever Dellin Betances, already among that achy dozen, will get a cortisone shot Saturday and miss another 6-7 weeks due to inflammation around a bone spur in his shoulder. The game was called while general manager Brian Cashman delivered that news in a press conference.

''Everything's going my way right now,'' Cashman deadpanned.

The game started in a steady mist, and the rain worsened as the night wore on. Chicago starter Lucas Giolito (2-1) had a pitch sail out of his hands to the backstop in the fifth, and Yankees lefty J.A. Happ (0-2) bounced an unusual number of breaking balls.

''That was the worst conditions I ever pitched in in my life,'' Giolito said. ''I was just thinking about, it's been a dream of mine to pitch in Yankee Stadium ever since I was a little kid and I didn't envision it in pouring rain like that.''

White Sox right-hander Nate Jones also struggled with his grip while escaping a jam in the sixth, furiously wiping his hands on his damp uniform between each pitch. He nearly beaned Aaron Judge with a 95 mph fastball, then plunked him with an offspeed pitch to load the bases with two outs. Luke Voit lined out to left field to end that threat. Jones got one out and wound up with his first save. New York dropped to 5-8 despite leading in 12 of 13 games this season. The Yankees were ahead 4-1 after three, but Chicago erased that two innings later. Yonder Alonso hit a tying two-run homer off Happ in the fifth that skipped off the top of the wall in right field, and Jimenez connected two batters later against Jonathan Holder.

''I didn't do my part tonight,'' said Happ, who allowed six runs in four innings.

The 22-year-old Jimenez ranks among baseball's(championship rings) top prospects because of his power potential. He signed a $43 million, six-year contract during spring training, nearly double the amount of the previous high for a player under club control yet to make his major league debut. After his first homer, Jimenez shot his fist in the air rounding first base and performed an elaborate handshake with fellow youngster Yoan Moncada at home plate. He was mobbed with sunflower seeds and gum in the dugout.

''We've been waiting for that,'' Giolito said. ''He's got ridiculous power.''

Chicago played its first night game this season after opening with 11 straight day tilts. Brett Gardner had a solo homer for the Yankees, and DJ LeMahieu two hits, a walk and two RBIs. LeMahieu is batting .439 this season.

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Duncan was a formidable player on the court. He earned the reputation of  being a clutch player, as evident by his three NBA Finals MVP awards. Duncan would often not keep his best performances for the play-offs - his post-season performance was always more impressive than his regular season stats.

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